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Intelligent CCTV surveillance protecting your business
CCTV Installers Henley Save your business money
CCTV Installers Henley Detect & deter criminals
CCTV Installers Henley Prevent theft & burglary
CCTV Installers Henley Increase work productivity
Detect theft & catch criminals
in the act with our help
CCTV Installers Henley Identify events with intelligent CCTV
CCTV Installers Henley Reduce theft and stock loss
CCTV Installers Henley Detect and deter criminals
CCTV Installers Henley Capture incriminating footage
Gain the ability to watch over your employees & business operations
CCTV Installers Henley Reduce employee stock theft
CCTV Installers Henley Increase work productivity
CCTV Installers Henley 24-hour protection for your staff
CCTV Installers Henley Easily monitor even the largest of properties
"We provide proven solutions to help your business save money. With decades in the industry, our CCTV systems are protecting businesses and increasing productivity right now!"
How can CCTV help you to protect your business?

Here are a few ways that you can use CCTV as protection for your business.
CCTV Henley
CCTV Installers Henley
Prevent theft and vandalism
CCTV cameras deter shoplifters, making your store less tempting to target. CCTV can easily help you to identify individuals who commit a crime. Intruder alarms also offer great coverage for out-of-hours.
CCTV Installers Henley
Watch over your property
With the use of a simple, easy to use Smartphone app you can view your surveillance system from anywhere, at any time. We offer 24-hour monitoring services to ensure your property is watched over at all times.
CCTV Installers Henley
Ensure the criminal is caught
It's a little-known fact that more often than not break-ins don't result in criminal convictions. This is because of limited security measures being in place. With a CCTV system installed you will be able to record everything.
CCTV Installers Henley
Gain insights into your business
We can help you utilise your CCTV, creating a system that is much more than just a simple camera. You can collect customer data, count the number of people entering your property and improve your marketing prospects.
We can help you to actively protect your home or business

Keep an eye out for unwanted intruders with high-quality, efficient CCTV systems throughout Henley and the surrounding areas. From single domestic cameras to complex industrial CCTV surveillance systems, we even offer round-the-clock remote CCTV monitoring for extra peace of mind.

Unhappy with your existing CCTV system? We'll take over the maintenance and servicing of your current system and ensure it's doing the right job all year round. We offer our high-quality CCTV services throughout Henley and the surrounding areas. For further information, simply contact our expert team here at Active Security.

"With our team of highly  skilled engineers, we can find the perfect solution  to suit you."

Keith - Managing Director
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Our CCTV team works across Henley, Maidenhead, Slough, Bracknell & many other surrounding areas.
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Why choose Active Security for your CCTV?
CCTV Birmingham NSI Gold approved
CCTV Birmingham 24-hour support
CCTV Birmingham Solutions dedicated for your needs
CCTV Birmingham Working with you to save money
CCTV Henley
CCTV Henley
CCTV Installers Henley
CCTV Henley
CCTV Installers Henley
CCTV Installers Henley
CCTV Installers Henley
We actively provide the very best protection for all sectors. If you wish to speak about your security, simply give us a call - we will be happy to advice and support.
“We have proven surveillanence solutions to help save you money.”
“Are you looking to deter criminals before they strike? We can help with that, speak to our experts.”
“We can provide CCTV so you can watch over your property and employees at all times.”
“With our solutions, you can have the best possible coverage from the least possible cameras.”
“With wireless CCTV, you will have minimal disruption to your business during the install.”
“CCTV can help to prevent stock loss, secure your property and increase productivity.”


Active Security - a team of trained and experience CCTV experts.

CCTV Henley
Why should I get Active Security to help me?
Our experts can design the perfect security strategy for you.
We are proud to install systems to NSI Gold standards

Our CCTV installation services include the design of your system, ensuring that it's tailored to perfectly suit your security needs and location. This means that with the Active Security team you will have a security system that provides the very best protection for your budget.

Unlike some other companies, before we begin we will arrange a quick visit to your property for a survey. This allows us to draw up and accurate plan of how we can best protect your property - we can also then provide you with an accurate quote.

Based in Henley and Maidenhead, we are able to provide our installation and maintenance services throughout the surrounding areas. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you.

Have a question?Speak to our CCTV experts today
CCTV Henley
CCTV Maintenance
Maintain your CCTV system to ensure
you get the best security protection for
your property all year round.
CCTV Installers Henley
Working alongside leading manufacturers, we are able to offer our clients the latest in CCTV technology.
Henley CCTV Installers
CCTV Monitoring
Benefit from around the clock protection & rest assured that your property is being monitored.
CCTV Henley
CCTV Camera types and technologies
Here at Active Security, we offer a truly comprehensive range of CCTV cameras and systems. Our work with leading manufacturers ensures that we have access to the very latest and greatest products on the market.
CCTV Henley
Schools, Colleges and Universities
Here at Active Security, we offer a range of fire and security systems that are perfect for use for schools, colleges and universities. We can help you to maintain reliable and intuitive security measures to keep both students and safe safe.
Maintenance is a fundamental part of protecting your property.
'In other scenarios, your insurance company will require your security systems to be maintained on a regular basis, if this is not documented your insurance premium may become void.'

Without regular maintenance, your CCTV can become inaccurate and in some cases lose their ability to correctly detect an intruder. CCTV surveillance systems, in particular, require attention on a regular basis to ensure they remain clean, accurate and fully functional. Our maintenance team here at Active Security, pride themselves on their ability to offer a wide range of maintenance services to keep your property protected at all times.

As specialists in CCTV, we can often help our customers reduce maintenance costs by consolidation the servicing of your fire and security systems under the Active name.

Got a question about maintenance?Speak to our experts today
CCTV Henley
Speak to our team today about the maintenance of your CCTV.
To make things easier, we can find a time that best suits you.
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If you are looking to upgrade your current systems or have been made a victim due to a weakness in your security, the Active Security team can work with you to quickly determine to best steps so that you can regain control of your property.

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Based in Maidenhead and Henley, our professional team carries out installations across the whole of Berkshire. With over three decades of security experience, we'll help you protect your family and secure your business. For further information, contact our friendly team or schedule a site-visit and security survey.
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