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We provide you with proven retail solutions, with the flexibility to expand your system at any time.

Door Entry Systems Windsor Prevent robbery and burglary with Active
Door Entry Systems Windsor Reduce employee theft & violence against staff
Do you have a problem with theft? Maybe you just don't know about it...

It is essential to protect your commercial retail business with intelligent CCTV which watches over your business and prevents things such as till fraud, thieves and stock loss.

Active Security also offer 24/7 monitoring to watch over your business and premises, in the event of a crime our highly experienced and trained team can alert the key holders or the police responding on what is necessary.

The retail environment can be as challenging as it is diverse. From small shops to large shopping centres across Berkshire, we understand the day to day security risks you encounter - to combat this, we provide expert advice and security solutions to ensure your assets and property are protected night and day. 

We can address key points such as staff safety, theft and vandalism whilst also introducing tools such as CCTV to optimise your productivity, using integrated solutions to protect assets and drive profitability.

  Door Entry Windsor
Door Entry Windsor We can help with stock loss Door Entry Windsor Protecting your business Door Entry Windsor CCTV and Alarm Monitoring
Door Entry Windsor  
The home office estimates that shop theft accounts for 67% of all crime in the retail sector
Ref. ACS 2018 Crime Report
Providing effective security solutions which you can depend on

No matter how big or small your premises, our engineers can provide you with a reliable intruder alarm and fire safety system that offers total protection.

With our experience, we are able to find the right fire and security solutions to suit your business. Crime is a large problem in the retail sector and not only wastes time and money but it distracts you from the real issues within your business, so why not let us take care of it.

  Door Entry Windsor
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After a call with our team you are sure to have all the information you need. We can arrange a site survey, so that we can truly understand your fire and security requirements - we may even be able to use your existing security infrastructure to save on installation costs.

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If you are looking to upgrade your current systems or have been made a victim due to a weakness in your security, the Active Security team can work with you to quickly determine to best steps so that you can regain control of your property.

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Based in Maidenhead and Henley, our professional team carries out installations across the whole of Berkshire. With over three decades of security experience, we'll help you protect your family and secure your business. For further information, contact our friendly team or schedule a site-visit and security survey.
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