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Access Control Maidenhead
Denefield School Security
Installation: Education   Systems installed: Access control & alarm systems
Access Control Maidenhead
  Upgrade of an existing Schools  
  access control and alarm system  
  Utilising cutting-edge access control, door entry and intruder alarm technology, Active Security has been able to upgrade this schools security and minimise downtime & disruption by working in school holidays.
Access Control Maidenhead   Active Security work across Henley, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas of the Berkshire region
Project background:

Over the years we have been able to work with Denefield School in Reading many times to ensure the protection of their students, staff and assets. On this occasion they required an upgrade on the access control/door entry system that we installed a number of years back.

"We have been using Active Security for many years and couldn't be more happy with their service. Their team is always happy to help and can work around the term times for minimal disruption."

Staff member - Denefield School

At Active Security, we understand the importance of having a safe and security learning environment for all students and staff. Throughout the school the main doors to each building had integrated access control and alarm systems. Our task was to replace the doors with new ones and move the existing security systems to the new doors. For added security, we also installed 3 new doors with new systems.

Access Control Maidenhead
Active Security's solutions:
We provide Denefield with a range of services, including:
  Access Control Maidenhead Access control systems
  Access Control Maidenhead On-going maintenance
School Security Henley Door entry systems
Access Control Maidenhead Security servicing
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Access Control Maidenhead   Access Control Maidenhead   Access Control Maidenhead

"We improved, upgraded and simplifed the security of this school with high-
quality, reliable access control and intruder alarm products."

The solution that the Active Security provided allows Denefield School to be put on lockdown with ease, provides a notification
when a door is left open and offers a greater level of protection for the students, staff and the schools assets.

Access Control Maidenhead
Integrating access control within the school doors:

Access control is vital for schools and help to ensure the safety of students, staff and school equipment and supplies. The integrated Paxton access control system we used provides immediate control over where and when access is permitted.

In this environment this system is perfect, it provides a fast and reliable solutions for locking down a very large number of doors without the need for hundreds of keys that can be easy to lose.

Overcoming the challenges faced for the project:

We were required to supply, fit and maintain these security systems during the school holidays to minimise disruption.

"This is something that our team easily overcame, with carefully planning and time management we were able to ensure we had our access control and alarm specialists available to provide a fast and reliable service during the tight scheduled of a busy school."

Access Control Maidenhead
Access Control Maidenhead
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  Access Control Maidenhead
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