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A truly comprehensive range of CCTV systems
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CCTV Slough
IP Cameras
IP Security Cameras (also referred to as Network Security Cameras). IP Cameras offer a superior image quality with multiple megapixel, where traditional cameras generally only offer 0.4 megapixel.
CCTV Slough
Pan, Tilt Zoom
Traditionally you would need to use multiple cameras to cover a large, open area. The latest Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras provide a much great coverage and range, therefore removing the need for many cameras and reducing costs.
CCTV Slough
ANPR Cameras
We can provide you with Automatic Number Plate Recognition. This a technology that offers fast acting security for tackling vehicular related crime and to prevent unauthorised access automatically.
CCTV Slough
HD CCTV Cameras
Our range of HD and Ultra HD cameras provide full coverage for large, open areas. They can also be utilised as interior surveillance cameras. HD cameras provide the ability to zoom without loosing quality.
CCTV Slough
Facial Recognition
Hikvision, the leading manufacturer of CCTV, offers a large range of products each with outstanding levels of accuracy. The systems are soften used as a public safety tool and is perfect for use in shops & large businesses.
CCTV Slough
People Counting
People counting technology is a great way to measure footfall in a range of properties, including: shops, showrooms, restaurants and much more. This is a great tool for providing insights into your business.
CCTV Slough
Wireless Cameras
Traditionally, installing a CCTV system requires a large amount of cables to be fitted throughout your property. The latest wireless technology greatly reduces the number of cables the and reduce the installation time.
CCTV Slough
CCTV Slough
Day & Night Cameras
Surveillance coverage at all times of the day and the night. The latest Lightfighter and Darkfighter CCTV cameras from Hikvision provide coverage even in the darkest and most challenging of conditions.
CCTV Slough
Hikvision Cameras
Hikvision is the leading supplier & manufacturer of CCTV cameras of innovative security products and solutions in the world. They have dedicated years to the development of new cameras and new technologies.
Based in Maidenhead and Henley, our professional team carries out installations across the whole of Berkshire. With over three decades of security experience, we'll help you protect your family and secure your business. For further information, contact our friendly team or schedule a site-visit and security survey.
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