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Home Automation
Everything at your fingertips
Burglar Alarms Windsor Connect to your Alarm, CCTV, Door Entry and more...
Burglar Alarms Windsor Take control of your home security with your smartphone
We can allow you to actively control every aspect of your home security, including: alarm systems, CCTV feeds and even your door entry all from your smartphone.
  Burglar Alarms Windsor
You know what's happening.
You're in control.

As the threat of intruders grows, you need to remain in control. With our smart alarm systems you can control your security from anywhere, at anytime giving you the freedom to continue with your daily activities without the worry of an unprotected property.

With a specialist security system you can manage the security that you have with a part-set feature you can control the detectors that are armed to avoid false triggering enabling you to have complete peace of mind that you are fully protected.

With a smart security system...
You know You control
Intruder Alarms Windsor Whether the system is armed Intruder Alarms Windsor The alarm, if you forgot to arm it
Intruder Alarms Windsor When someone's at your home Intruder Alarms Windsor Remote disarm to let people in
Intruder Alarms Windsor If someone sets off the alarm Intruder Alarms Windsor Part-set alarm to avoid false triggers
Intruder Alarms Windsor What's happening in your property Intruder Alarms Windsor The alarm can also be programmed
Benefits of smartphone alarms are:
Intruder Alarms Windsor Arm & Disarm your intruder alarms from your phone
Intruder Alarms Windsor Instant alerts and response to a triggered alarm
Intruder Alarms Windsor Calls or texts direct to your phone
Intruder Alarms Windsor
Unsure on how to use your smartphone alarm? Our team will show you how to arm and disarm your system.
Intruder Alarms Windsor
  Smart Home
Intruder Alarms Windsor Access your alarm from anywhere in the world
Intruder Alarms Windsor Push notifications & live video streaming
Intruder Alarms Windsor Remotely arm or disarm your alarm with a smartphone
Intruder Alarms Windsor Peace of mind for a busy home and lifestyle
Intruder Alarms Windsor
  + Extra Safety Features
Intruder Alarms Windsor Additional fire safety and alarms available to homes
Intruder Alarms Windsor Early warning of floods or broken utility items
Intruder Alarms Windsor Fast detection of harmful gases or Carbon Monoxide
Intruder Alarms Windsor Trusted protection when you're away from home

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If you are looking to upgrade your current systems or have been made a victim due to a weakness in your security, the Active Security team can work with you to quickly determine to best steps so that you can regain control of your property.

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